Two Quick, Simple Abs Workouts for Trimming Your Belly

Do you want to have a leaner, slimmer belly but you cannot find the time to go to the gym? That is the dilemma facing many people in society today — part of a growing trend among adults who lack exercise and fitness.

Here are two quick and simple abdominal workouts that will get you started on your way to that slimmer, healthier body you’ve always wanted. So what should you get in an effective abs workout? It should target the rectus abdominis, your external obliques, and your internal obliques and these moves will help you do just that.

Bicycle Crunch – this workout starts out with you on your back lying flat on the floor; contract your core muscles, then gently raise your head with your hands behind it supporting it and lifting your knees up to about a 45-degree angle. Slowly, then gradually, let your legs perform a bicycle pedaling motion as you alternately touch your elbows to the opposite knees as you twist back and forth. Remember to breathe evenly throughout the exercise.

Double Crunch – this exercise is similar to the bicycle crunch in terms of starting position; lying flat on your back with your core muscles contracted. Once again with your hands clasped behind your head supporting it, gently raise your head and legs upward bringing your elbows and knees together without touching, then holding that position for a split second before lowering your head and knees to a resting position without touching the ground. This works your upper and lower abs.

Repeat these exercises as often as you can for five minutes or less each, giving yourself a minute to rest every now and then as you get tired and wait to build up strength before doing another set or as you move between workouts. Don’t overdo it or force yourself, just do this for a few days a week or everyday naturally and casually while enjoying it. Remember that workouts are meant to be good for you, so always have fun with them.

There you have it – two quick and simple ab exercises that you can do on your bed at home, don’t require you to pay for gym membership or any special equipment whatsoever to give you the flat tummy you’ve always wanted in a few months.

When you feel more confident about wanting to do more advanced exercises to give more variety to your routine in order to keep it fresh and stay on your fitness regimen just research some more exercises and do them when you have time to spare. Take care and good luck.

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