Flat, Sexy Belly: Quick Abs Workout Using Stability Ball

The stability ball is often used during core strengthening exercises, most especially in the abdomen and lower back. Exercising on it provides more benefits than on the hard floor. Also known as the Swiss ball, which has been incorporated nowadays into weight training and other physical fitness routines, the stability ball requires balance when exercising. The force in our body helps the muscles gain stability and strength over time.


This exercise has been proven to stabilize abs and oblique muscles. You need a stability ball and wall to be able to perform this exercise. You may start by placing the stability ball at about two feet distant from the wall. To perform this, you need to lie on the ball, facing up with your lower back on the center of the ball. Your knees should bend at a 90 degrees angle, your feet placed flat on the wall and calves faced in the floor’s direction. Your hands should be placed behind your head, with your elbows pointing to the sides. You need to pump up and lower. You may perform this 10 times.

Pike Push

This exercise is known to target the shoulder, chest, butt and abs. This is done by standing on your feet together and with your arms on the side. You need to hinge your hips forward, with your hand supports your body on the floor, butt and hips are raised toward the ceiling and your back flat. This may form your body into an inverted v-shape. Raise your left leg into straight manner, behind you and making it in line with your back. You need to bend your elbow so that you may perform push ups. About five to 10 push ups are required. Walk hands to return to the start and stand. Switch leg and repeat the process.

Crossing the Plank

This exercise aims to work the shoulder, abs, obliques, and legs. To start crossing the plant exercise, you need to place the ball against the wall. You need to lie on your side in a straight line, perpendicular to the wall, with your feet rested on the ball. Cross your right leg over your left. Gently lift your hips off the ground while keeping your body parallel to the ground, with your left elbow under your left shoulder. Extend your right hand towards to ceiling. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and slowly lower yourself. Switch side and repeat process.

Side Wall Crunch

The abdominal and oblique muscles are targeted with this exercise. The stability ball is placed about two feet in front of the wall. You need to lie down on the ball with your hips on the center and your feet on the floor three feet apart from each other. You need to point your toes to the left and you soles should press the bottom of the wall. Hands are placed behind the head, elbow need to point out the side. You need to rotate your torso so that your upper body may face to the left.

Roll and Reach

This exercise is meant for the hips, abdomen and oblique — a very simple one. You may start by lying with your face down. Keep your feet together and raise your arms overhead with your palms flat on the surface. Next, you lift your right leg on the floor and then, roll over to the left.

Aside from stabilizing the muscles and making them stronger over time, you may also benefit from flexibility and better blood circulation with these quick and easy exercises.

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