Here’s a Strong Pitch for Powerful Upper Abs Exercise

There are different exercises that have been advertised, and many people — experts and novice alike — claim that these exercises are helpful in building the perfect abdominal muscle quickly. The abdominal area is perhaps a major concern for most men and women raring for the perfect abs. And most of us often ask about what may be the best abs exercise and how are we going do it? Questions like these are not unusual. After all, who does not want to shape those abs and flatten their tummy in the least amount of time? As a result of all the queries, we are popularizing this Powerful Upper Abdominal Exercise that will really target your upper abs. We are focusing on the upper abs first so that we can really target a particular area to get more stamina and growth.

Overhead Crunch with Weight

Lie on your back with your arms over your head and with hands holding weights. Keep your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Crunch your body forward and bring your shoulder off the floor. Slowly lower down to the original position and repeat. Exercise should be done in controlled movements and not meant to be done fast.

Ball Roll-out

Sit on your knees in front of a ball and place your forearms and fists on the ball. Your back should be naturally arched. Slowly roll the ball forward, straightening your arms and extending it to elbow level so as not to allow your lower back to collapse. Then pull the ball back to your knees.

Butterfly Crunch with Weights

Lie on your back with arms straight and holding weights in above chest level. Allow legs to fly open, resembling butterfly wings. Bring feet together with soles touching each other. Then, lift your shoulders off the floor several inches, keeping your back flat.

Do each particular exercise for two to three times and rest for 30 seconds before proceeding to the next exercise. And do not forget to do your exercises on succeeding days that would also target your lower and side abs as well

These exercises are something that you will need to continue working at. All you need is hard work. Targeting first on the upper abdominal area by following this Powerful Upper Abs Exercises and coupling it with a well balanced diet will gradually lead to attaining a six-pack abs.

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