It’s Possible to Get Flatter Abs Like MMA Fighters

Are you tired of the same workout routines for getting flatter abs — lying on your back or lifting your legs over your head? If the answer is yes, then try out this dynamic fitness workout done by MMA fighters. Using exercises done by extreme athletes helps you to tone your body, work your core, and builds your stamina. This increases your ability to lift and gain more strength to perform other increasingly strenuous exercises.

However, this sort of exercise is not for everyone so always check with your trainer or physician if you are fit or ready to try a more advanced workout routine.

Here are three MMA fighting inspired workouts for you to try:

Elbow to knee exercise: Position yourself first by standing with your feet in-line with your shoulders, your knees bent, back straight, and hands behind your head. On one side raise your knee up to your body and your elbow on that side down to your knee. Do twenty repetitions on each side with this workout.

Thai Plank: Enter a plank position with your elbows on the floor and supporting your weight as if you were in push-up position. Now slowly raise one knee and one elbow on the same side as your knee as if you were doing a standing elbow to knee exercise. Repeat the exercise twenty times for each side.

Thai Crucifix: Stand on your side and raise your body to the point that your body is at an angle to the floor. You may want to use a dumbbell for anchoring your weight. Raise your leg on the side not facing the floor to your elbow. Repeat the exercise twenty times for each side.

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