Build your Core Like a MMA Fighter

Are you a fan of Lyoto Machida or Georges St. Pierre? Well, what do they have in common? They are physically fit, definitely have strong muscles, and a body that most of the men population would want to have. However, guys are not born with it, they have to learn it, earn it, and fight for it. The mixed martial art (MMA) core exercise is the answer to this.

This MMA core exercise is a super effective core exercise. It is a close contact combat sport that allows different styles of an individual to use his extremities such as jabbing, kicking, and others. But it does not include hitting vulnerable parts of a male body. MMA is a modern type of technique that traced back to Greek ancient Olympics and it has become a competition or a sports game that has been constantly evolving and developing new rules over the time but with same implications. These days you might catch it when you watch it on television. It is known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

This type of exercise may teach you not only how to have a man-of-steel body, but it also encourages you mentally to have the determination, persuasion, and hope to achieve the body you desire. Some of the exercises you may want to incorporate on your daily exercise routine to achieve a core similar to those MMA fighters are:

Good Morning

It is a weight-lifting exercise with compound movement working the back and hamstrings. It also has been a standard assistance exercise in Olympic weightlifting for a number of years.

Hanging-leg Raise

This movement is for the hard-core individuals. This type of exercise will help develop your abs, challenge your strength, and test your mental durability.

This is important to help with your overall core endurance. It involves sustaining a tough position for a certain period of time. Moreover, this exercise ranked number 10 in the ACE study and is a great way to build stamina in both the abs and back.

Grab the chance to witness the extreme changes that may happen in your life. You will never know once you will try it. And the best thing about this is that you can absolutely see results whether you have formed some abs or you will lose weight and jack up a bit of biceps and pectoris muscles by doing these MMA core exercises.

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