Powerful Lower Abs Home Workout: Turning your Four-pack into a Six-pack Abs

Losing weight and attaining a perfect body requires discipline, time and dedication, especially when our target is the lower abs. The lower abs is the place where our fat tissues are stored and the most difficult to rip off, medical experts say, quoting recent studies to back up their assertions. Well-defined abdominal muscles are envied a lot. They are an epitome of sexiness and healthiness. And we begin to wonder that if is really difficult to rip off those fats, maybe those guys having well built muscles know a secret to achieve the abs of your dreams. Well, basically we are going to share a secret: here comes the Powerful Lower Abs Home Work-out. This exercise is designed specifically for men to turn your four-pack into a six-pack abs.


Lie on back on floor. Garb an exercise ball and place it between your legs. One leg above the ball and one below. Then do a normal reverse crunch by bringing the ball up towards your chest. Then, swap your leg after doing it for 15 seconds.


Sit on the edge of a bench or couch and hold on to it. Bring knees up to chest and back without touching the floor.


Get into a push-up position, with your feet resting on an exercise ball. Now bring your knees in towards your chest and back out. Keep your back tight and do not let your lower back slack.

Work Details: Do these prescribed exercises for 30 seconds consecutively without any rest. After all three exercises, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat circuit for three to four times.

For sure, by doing this Powerful Home Abs Workout you can melt your lower-belly fat. Just always be consistent and never give-up, and this of course must be combined with proper nourishment of the body.

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