Lower Abs Exercise: Leg Pull-in with Dumbbell

The belly is one of the areas that most of us want to flatten, yet it is the most difficult part to access because of the seemingly built-in fat. If we ask guys who regularly perform exercise, one of their top goals would be well-defined abdominals. Attaining those well defined abs is not easy, in fact, just by doing abs exercises will not get rid of your belly fat that easily, you have to learn the best exercise that you need to perform to get rid of those fats that easily.

One of the best lower abs exercises is the LEG PULL-IN WITH DUMBBELL, here is how to do it:

Lie on your back and lift your upper legs to 90 degrees with your knees bent. Place a dumbbell between your feet. From this position straighten your legs out until they are parallel with the floor. Keep your back flat and do not drop your feet. Contract your abdominals and pull your knees back in to the start position.

This abs exercise helps develop the muscle group called the Rectus Abdominus, which controls the tilt of the pelvis and curvature of the lower spine.

By doing this lower abs exercise regularly, you will attain that perfect abs you have dreamed of.

And keep in mind that your muscles define your shape, the stronger they are, the more efficient and better you look.

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