Powerful Abs Home Workout with No Equipment Needed

You do not have to worry about depleting your wallet’s content because of your dream to have absolutely perfect abs. Some of our expenses are way too important than just paying fees for gym memberships or buying equipment. If you just cannot afford these things, why worry? Reach that goal of being sexy and healthy, go form out those perfect abs with this Perfect Abs Home Workout, no equipment or gym memberships fees needed. These exercises will definitely help in shaping those abs.

Upper Abdominal Exercise

You need to position your hands on top of the cushion (rags or towel perhaps) and kneel down on another cushion, with your body facing the floor. Roll out your hands as far as you can, but your body must not touch the floor. Then, bring it back-up. You must not go too fast nor too slow with this exercise.

Lower Abdominal Exercise

Kneel on a cushion to move your hands forward. Slowly, move the cushion down to your feet. Then, in a push-up position, slowly, move both your feet and knees up and down.

Side Abdominal Exercise

Once again, in a push-up position, bring a cushion down to your feet. Then slowly, bring that cushion to the right then to the left.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds consecutively for two to three times a week if you really want to develop that six-pack of yours.

By just following these Powerful Abs Home Workout, your abs will look fabulous in no time, but, of course, coupled with proper balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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