Surgeons More Efficient with the Robotic Assistant

Robots have been making complicated tasks simple and much easier to perform and it is now being employed inside operating rooms to lend surgeons an extra hand, medical industry observers say. Robotic-assisted laparoscopy allows surgeon to perform complicated procedures with ease compared to simple laparoscopic surgery, according to the Medline Plus. Its use is still being debated as the number of complications that are being reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) increases. There are several benefits, but critics pointed out that most of the benefits revolve around surgeons and not patients. Traditional laparoscopic procedure and the robotic-assisted operation use the same minimally invasive technique which makes the benefits the same for patients undergoing both procedures.

Surgeons are able to perform surgical procedures better without even having their hands wet. This is more beneficial when compared to the usual endoscopic techniques because of several factors. The benefits that surgeons may experience because of the robotic assistant include:

- Better visualization of the body – the vision system of the robotic assistant employs a three-dimensional view that may be manipulated with depth of field. The camera may also be focused on the image with better precision.

- Better hand movements – the surgeon will be able to make measured hand movements without worrying about any uneasy hand movements. Mistakes that are result of unsteady hand movements and tremors are avoided with the robotic assistant. This is helpful for surgeons that are performing non-stop surgical procedures. Surgeons may also opt to scale down their movements to accommodate smaller incisions.

- Make much smaller incisions – although the traditional laparoscopic procedure may be able to make small surgical incisions, the robotic assistant may be able to much smaller incisions.

However the operating time might be much longer than the time spent for the laparoscopic surgical procedure when compared to the traditional laparoscopic procedure because of the learning curve. It is also much expensive compared to the simple laparoscopic surgery. Complications that resulted to the Da Vinci surgical system lawsuit from some patients are being investigated to know the root cause of the problem. Patients may all the information regarding their procedure to set proper expectations before and after their operation.

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