Flat Abs Exercise Without Ever Going to the Gym

Simple flat abs exercise may help in getting the perfect flat stomach that you can flaunt, fitness experts say. These easy-to-follow steps may even be performed at home without ever going to the gym. Get in shape by following these five flat abs exercises:

Twist it!

  • Find two discs and place them on the floor and a towel or rope. Keep the feet in hip-width apart while standing on the discs. Hold the towel or rope in both ends.
  • Stand on your toes and slightly bend the knees then raise both arms to shoulder length. Pull the band tightly and keep the back straight.
  • Twist the upper body and the lower body in opposite directions. Repeat for one minute or until as needed.

Pull it down!

  • With the towel still on hand, stand while keeping both feet in shoulder-width distance.
  • While lifting the arm upward keep the right foot pointed to the side. Keep the left arm up while slowly lowering the right elbow to the side until it reaches the right knee.
  • Then continue to extend the right leg and arm while keeping the toes off the floor. Repeat for 10 times and continue to switch sides.


  • Get two dumbbells and place them on the floor in shoulder-length apart same with the discs. Lie down on your stomach similar in doing push-ups.
  • Grasp the weights tightly under the shoulders and the disks placed under the toes. Then slowly pull the toes to the hands until the body is forming an inverted ā€œVā€.
  • Slowly go back to the lying position then raise the right arm upward and go back to the first position. Repeat in the opposite side to complete one set with a total of five sets for a complete workout.

Balance it!

  • Find an exercise ball and lie on the center of your back. While holding a dumbbell on each hand, with palms facing upward extend both arms to the side at shoulder level. Maintain your balance by keeping your abs engaged.
  • Raise left leg to make your body straight while pointing the toes and raise the right arm upward. Repeat on the other side to make one complete set. A maximum of 10 sets may be performed.

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