Tips on Abs Exercises: Do the Hanging Leg Raises

Different types of leg raises may be performed as abs exercises to emphasize different muscle groups and gain more definition Leg raises may be done while lying on the floor or while hanging from a chin-up bar or a raised curve bar. Each selection of doing it provides you with different benefits. All will increase the strength and definition in your lower abdominal muscles. However, it has been a controversial question whether or not the hanging leg raise routine is effective for abs development. Various fitness resources and authorities have different stands on this.

According to experts, it is not that leg raising does not benefit abs development, the problem is that it is so difficult to do it right that is why it seems ineffective.

You may feel it difficult to perform and consider other alternatives for toning your abs. But experts say that after a while of practicing, you will get it right.

“Remember that hanging leg raises are known to be even more effective than the very popular crunches for having perfect abs. If performed regularly, these are sure to give you the desired results,” as advised by an article from Buzzle.

Benefits You Get From Hanging Leg Raises

It has been observed by fitness experts that none of the leg raise exercises are easy to perform for beginners or those with under-developed abdominal muscles. However, with time, perseverance and repetition, you will see excellent results.

Including leg raises into your abdominal development exercises can give way to several benefits to different muscle groups and your overall strength, according to Live Strong web article.

The best benefits of leg raises start with proper form and technique and finish with regular practice. Below are some of the body areas and body skills benefited by leg raises, as per Live Strong article:

  • Abdominal and core muscles
  • Lower back muscles
  • Grip strength
  • Hip Flexors

Proper Way To Do the Routine

Fitness experts advise to perform the leg raising slowly. “Swinging your legs back and forth creates momentum rather than working the focus muscle groups, so avoid swinging,” as advised by Rick Rockwell, a fitness writer for Live Strong.

“Also, follow the leg raises in your abdominal and core workout with exercises that work the opposing muscle group,” Rockwell added.

Raising your legs covers all of your abdominal muscles, together with the lower abs. This makes leg raising better than crunches, which only engage the upper abs. The hanging leg raise is repeatedly mentioned as one of the best abs exercises for developing abdominal and core strength.

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