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Benefits of Skipping Exercise For Weight Loss

Little children, playgrounds and singing.

Grown men grunting and groaning and sweating.

Sounds like a scene that would land someone in prison, however I am actually talking about the benefits of skipping exercises for weight loss.

This is an ideal place not to practice skipping

Skipping is one of those things that you are never sure if it is actually a good weight loss technique or just something that little boys do in the playground to try and get in with the cool group of girls. However, the evidence shows that skipping can make you girlfriends in primary school as well as create amazing fat loss results in grown men and women, to help you make girlfriends and boyfriends in the real world.

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How To Get Strong and Sexy, NOT Big

Some girls like huge guys, some girls like skinny emo boys in tight jeans, but most girls seem to like an athletic body which has a bit of muscle (think Brad Pitt Fight Club style or Ronaldo), but low body fat and a flat, ripped six pack.

Some guys like big girls, sure, Freddy Mercury took Fat Bottom Girls to the world, some guys like extremely skinny girls (Olsen twin anorexia!), but most guys seem to like girls who are toned, lean and sexy – without the big muscles.

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What Are All These “1 Simple Trick” Ads About?

They are overcrowding the web at an alarming rate. They have a black and white .gif picture of an overweight man and lady and it changes to a lean, muscled one. The headline for the ad is something like “Learn this one simple trick to melt away belly fat”.



I literally can’t believe how many of these ads there are and on how many websites they occupy.

So many people must click through on them – I mean, who wouldn’t want to know one single trick to melt away belly fat?

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Do I Have To Be A Fitness Geek To Get Sexy?

Hell NO!

No matter what your job, hobbies or personality, being lean and sexy will make you a million times more awesome, and it doesn’t take that much, just a bit of work on your habits – but you DON’T have to change who you are.

Yea yea, we all know that if you dedicate yourself to eating only cucumber slices and egg whites and spend hours working out all day like some possessed bodybuilder you will get ripped and look hot, but we don’t all live under the iron fist of our own discipline.


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How To Lose Belly Fat With A Bad Back

Sometimes even the best laid plans go astray – I mean nobody plans to have a bad back, it can happen to anyone, any time. Here I will discuss some of the best ways to lose belly fat if you have a back problem.How To Lose Belly Fat With Bad Back

Know Your Limits

It is one thing to put off exercise because you grazed your knee, but another thing all together if you are recovering from spinal surgery. Knowing what your limits are can be the difference between slow but steady recovery or re-injuring yourself and being worse off than before.

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