Three Ways to Get Flatter, More Awesome Abs

With summer in full swing, everyone is going to be heading to the beaches and local swimming pools and now it is the time of the year when swimwear is the formal attire, leisure experts say. For some people who need to be careful in showing off their beach bods, here are some quick tips to get into shape for the summer season.

There are three main groups of focus on your abdomen to be on your way to firmer and flatter abs. You may need to work on each group individually from time to time, but as you work through each one and combine your workouts with a healthy diet and lifestyle you will net good results.

For toning your upper abs, you could do abdominal crunches, which consist of lying flat on your back and lifting your shoulders off the floor while keeping your lower back flat against the floor while avoiding tucking in your chin. You can do this while keeping your fingers interlocked behind your head or leaving your arms level at each side. About 30 to 50 repetitions should be enough.

Toning your lower abs tales a bit more work; while lying on your back spread your arms on your sides with your knees bent and the soles of your feet flat on the ground. Lift your head and shoulders while raising legs to between 45 to 90 degrees. Keep your legs straight as you pump your arms up and down for 10 deep breaths.

Lastly, oblique exercises target the sides of the abdominal muscles which provide support for the upper and lower abdomen. Lie down on a decline bench, with your head at the bottom, and your legs hanging off to one side; lift your head and shoulders in the direction of your knees. Decline oblique crunches are great but challenging ways to work your oblique abdominal muscles.

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  1. Davis says:

    Wow! I would definitely start working out to get my abs flatter. I’ve been aching to start toning my abs, and now is the time. Thank you for these useful tips! Keep posting!

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