Simple Workout for Shaping Up your Abdomen

Everyone would love to have that firm flat stomach and pretty much every woman on the planet is more than a little obsessed about it. According to a survey published by Women’s Health, 62% of women considered their stomach as the spot that makes them most self-conscious.

Scorching ones stomach is very exhausting and sometimes frustrating because it may not give you the results that you are expecting to have. Before trying some abs-shaping work outs, you must burn calories to burn fat while conditioning your abs. Here are some effective workouts that will help shape your upper and lower abdomen and oblique (sides of your abdomen).

Upper Abdomen – Lie on your back with legs stretched aside, just do the regular full sit-ups twelve times. It may hurt a little if it is your first time but definitely it would be worth the pain.

Lower Abdomen – Still lying at your back, you must rest your head backward with your hands either at the back of your head or at the sides. Then bend your legs and stretch it upward. And again do this simultaneously twelve times.

Oblique – With legs bent, you must touch your heels and stretch it as far as you can. Do this routine to each side of your heels simultaneously twelve times. This will work your oblique muscles.

These are just simple workout tips that you can perform anywhere. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can even do this at home. If you want faster results, you can do it every other day or everyday if you must.

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