Four Easy-to-do Basic, Advanced Workouts for a Getting a Toned-Out Tummy

Getting a well-toned and flatter abdomen is not going to happen overnight, say most fitness experts. In fact, getting those coveted six-packs involves a lot of effort and sacrifice, as most any fitness guru will tell you. Healthy living habits, a proper diet, and physical exercise are needed to get the desired results.

While these tips might not be enough to get you to your goal, these might help you get started on the right track.

1. Planking. No, not that version that internet video makers was doing a few years back, but taking a push-up position and supporting yourself with your forearms while bracing your abdomen for 1 minute. Take care not to lower your hips or raise your buttocks. Advanced Version: While holding the position, shift your weight to one arm and lift your other arm at shoulder level.

2. Side Planking. As above, only this time lie on one side of your body while resting your weight on one forearm; keep your legs straight until your body forms a diagonal line and put your other arm on your hip. Brace your abs and hold the pose for 60 seconds. Advanced version: Lift the arm you are resting on your hip up towards the ceiling and down again.

3. Glute Bridge March. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arms, palm up, at shoulder level. Raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Brace your abs and lift your right knee toward your chest. Hold for 2 counts and then lower your right foot, then after a few repetitions do the same with the other foot. Advanced version: Instead of lifting your knee to your chest, you can lift and straighten your leg out as you hold the position.

4. Rotating Lunge or Reverse Lunge with Arm Press. Using a 10 – 15 pound dumbbell, hold it with both hands in front of you, while keeping your arms straight (but not locked) and at shoulder level. Take a big step forward while twisting your torso towards the side of your forward knee. Remember to keep both your knees bent at 90 degree angles. Advanced version: Instead of stepping forward, step backward and raise the arm holding the dumbbell from your lowered leg side.

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