6 Pack Abs Workout Possible Without Gym Equipment

Not having any gym equipment at home is only a minor setback when it comes to performing 6 pack abs workout. The important thing is to use your body to its fullest potential. There are various ways to workout at home without any equipment. Fitness experts have developed a 6 pack abs workout using just your couch.

First, you should know that the abdominal muscles are responsible for movement of the trunk and stability of the spine. Meanwhile, the rectus abdominis is responsible for forward flexion, which brings the rib cage and pelvis together. It is separated longitudinally by a tough membrane and divided horizontally by tendinous attachments that form the 6 pack. The internal and external oblique muscles wrap diagonally around the trunk, encasing your vital organs and running the rotation and lateral flexion. Toned obliques give you a cinched waistline. To have a truly toned tummy, it is vital to work on the oblique muscles as well as the rectus abdominis.

Abdominal exercises are on a high priority when aiming for 6 pack. However, you also have to focus on the rest of your body. By following the right training protocol, you are able burn calories, tone your abs and increase your metabolic rate. With consistent workout and a few sacrifices, you can have your dream body.

According to fitness experts, exercises to achieve a 6 pack are more cosmetic than functional, the objective being to increase muscle size and promote definition.

Remember, muscles grow in response to overload. This means to say that they must be worked well beyond your comfort zone.

In summary, while exercise is important to achieve muscle size and definition, the true secret to revealing your 6 pack lies in body composition and nutrition. You can decrease your body fat by performing daily cardiovascular activity and making changes in your nutritional diet. Experts advise to eating “clean” by consuming only fresh whole natural foods in moderation and drinking plenty of plain filtered water. According to them, it is the fastest way to get your 6 pack to display.

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